Saturday, May 20, 2006


The Flight

We flew in to Luxembourg the night before the show. The flight was the last one to leave before the weather turned bad in London and when we landed in Luxembourg it was in the middle of a downfall. You could see the storms on either side of us as we landed. We were lucky to make our take off and landing and not be delayed. We will be traveling mostly by van now until Rotterdam where we fly back to London then Toronto on June 1st.

Immigration was a breeze as apparently Luxembourg is a tax haven, so people often work in Germany or France and live in Luxembourg. Not sure if it's tax free or just low taxes.

The Hotel Bar

The hotel was up on a hill, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. There was a beautiful forrest all around the hotel, and a beautiful light rain was falling. We imagined the local Luxembourgers lived in the wood with bows and arrows (probably not entirely accurate). Russ ordered and entire bottle of smirnoff vodka and Nikki, Russ and I sat around for hours drinking it, as the Bublé crew slowly piled in to the hotel bar. They all seem very nice and seem like they are a real "team".


Nikki, laughing until she cries at the hotel bar.

The Gig

The next day we took a 30 minute van ride through town and into a really industrial looking area. The venue is RIGHT next door to what appears to be an abandon steel factory.

The catoring is amazing. I had a great soup and nice bread. Bublé travels with his own catoring. While we were eating the sky turned dark and it started raining, then it turned to a hale shower, it was quite intense. Our sound guy is doing sound for brian adams in florence tonight and apparently brian was rerouted due to weather, we're not sure if he will make it to the gig.

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